Acceleration speeds you up.

The illustration shows how a constant electrical force affects the speed of different particles: photons are always traveling at the speed of light. Electrons quickly approach light speed, but never fully reach it due to the theory of relativity. Protons are 2000 times heavier than electrons, to accelerate them is therefore much more difficult.

Acceleration keeps you on track.

Magnetic fields act perpendicularly to the velocity of charged particles, thereby changing their direction. Uniform magnetic fields lead to a circular path and are used, for example, in ring accelerators.

Acceleration keeps things together.

Magnetic fields, whose strength increases with distance from the optimum particle path, act like optical lenses: in one plane they bring the particles together, but in the plane perpendicular to it they separate. In modern accelerators, hundreds of such bundling magnets ensure cohesion.

We accelerate
particles in our daily work
and accelerator physics as professional association.

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